We’re leading the development creating new ways to increase and enhance both the share experience and ways to pay for the costumer.




Seamless payments

Diners can view, pay and split their bill directly with Maîtres. This allow them to leave as soon as they are ready and saves an average of 11 minutes per table. Our studies of 1000 ends of payment show that this way of paying increases the spend by far. Turning tables faster and leaving guests with the feeling of smartness and them being well treated.


Table reservation

Our application is free for your customers and allows them to request tables directly with the restaurant head waiter. It creates a feeling of VIP-treatment and also allows the restaurants to be more dynamic and personalized regarding set time, seating and so on. Each request pops up in the Maîtres reservation system and is easily integrated in all booking systems.



The full integration in the existing POS-system and Maîtres technology and all functions makes a great match, giving each restaurant a serious amount of high value data. Maîtres will help you to easily identify regulars and high spenders among your general guests.

Turning tables faster



Each costumer is unique. Maîtres leaves your staff with more info about each costumer and with more time seen we cut time making payments and so on.



Seamless integration and modernized security, Maîtres integrates directly into your point of sales system and does not require any additional hardware.

Diners will no longer have to hand a card to your wait staff. Every transaction is handled behind Maîtres’s PCI compliant gateway, eliminating the worry of identities being lost in the hand-off.



Maîtres is in every way a vibrate brand, in many way driven by marketing professionals.

The Maîtres platform content, created by the Maîtres team, gives each of our restaurants quality exposure and inspiration. All ending up directly distributed to both existing and potential users and followers - newsletters, social media, ads, sms etcetera.

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