Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

You simply register an email and a payment card with the app. When you arrive at a restaurant you tell the waiter that you want to pay with Maîtres (unless you booked a table via the app.). 

The best part is that you don't have to wait for the bill. Maîtres lets you just get up and leave when you're done and the bill will be sent to your email. 

(If you still would like to see your bill before you go, just ask your waiter.)

Can I reserva a table via the app?

Yes, via Maîtres you are connected to the head waiters of Stockholm's best restaurants. Tap a restaurant of your choice in the app and then head on to make a new booking request. You can either choose to create a request via a quick form or send messages directly in the messages view.

...and do I need to reserve a table via the app?

No. Maîtres works even when you haven't reserved your table via the app. Just let your waiter know that you want to pay with Maîtres.

Can I register multiple credit cards?

But of course, just go into Settings, found in the upper right corner in the app. Your default card has a checkmark next to it. For convenience, you can also name your cards when adding them. Business in front. Party in back.

Can I change my tip?

Yes you can. After you have received a bill you have approximately 15 minutes to change your tip for that particular bill. If you do nothing the app will automatically use your default tip. You can change your default tip in Settings, found in the upper right corner in the app. 

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